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Camila Castro cannot be missed at our Park Slope location with the vibrant and intense colors of her 100% authentic handmade Wayuuchila Bags, hats, and accessories made in Columbia. Each bag takes between 14 and 30 days to weave, are made from 100% cotton, and are truly one-of-a-kind. Every bag has its own story. Each design element and style holds a unique story that has been handed down through the generations of the Wayuu Tribe in North Colombia. The Wayuu people are known as the people of the sun, sand, and wind. They are located in the arid Guajira Peninsula in northern Colombia and northwest Venezuela. The women of the Wayuu tribe have been hand weaving bags and bracelets for generations. Every single bag and bracelet is different and unique, with intricate tribal designs and colors. Each Wayuu bag bears the genuine style of Wayuu women and community, which embody the symbolic woven figures that commemorate their ancestral language, mother earth, the sun, the womb of women, and the family. Mixtures of earthy colors and vivid symbols highlight their attachment to the traditions of their ancestors.
Apart from being completely unique, handmade, and sustainable, Wayuu bags are becoming more and more popular on the fashion scene. Here at Wayuuchilabags in New York, they have made a conscious decision to export not only the highest quality bags, but also those that work with the latest fashion trends.
When you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and take a look at these beauties. You will not be disappointed and the prices are unbeatable!




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