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Vagabondia Vintage Mobile Boutique

Sylvia Karcz turned her passion for travel and exploration into a business. In 2013, her dream came to fruition when she opened Vagabondia Vintage, a wandering mobile boutique. Step on board and you will be blown away by the colorful décor, repurposed vintage displays, solar-powered lighting, and all the amazing finds she has come across during her travels. Sylvia adorned the space with items that she feels should be cherished. Along her travels, she handpicks items - vintage, traditional garb, folk pieces, handcrafted stationery, colorful textiles - and brings them back to Brooklyn to share and inspire creativity.
Vagabondia Vintage Mobile Boutique offers something for every style and every budget. Come spend some time with Sylvia as she shares her travel adventures with you. You might just walk away with some unique, accessible, and timeless pieces from places near and far. She is parked on 7th Ave between 1st and 2nd Street. You can’t miss it!


Vagabondia Vintage Mobile Boutique


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